Available for dance projects in a variety of styles, including jazz, funk, tap, modern, contemporary, and more.



Offering workshops  for all ages in the areas of jazz dance as well as choreography.

Whether you consider yourself a dancer or you just like to move, I offer something for everyone. LEARN MORE

Administration and Operations Consultant

Own a dance studio or other arts organization?

Let me help you get things together so you can focus on the work of delivering the arts to your customers. LEARN MORE

At my heart, I am a dancer.

You’ll find me to be a fast learner with a great memory for choreography.


My classes focus on the history of Jazz Dance…

and the many jazz dance leaders who often remain unacknowledged.

We explore how jazz dance has transitioned from the vernacular form that was social and partnered with jazz music in the 1930s and 1940s, to the many and varied forms of jazz-inspired dance that our current society is most familiar with. I also teach classes for individuals who are interested in becoming comfortable with creating movement, also known as choreographing. Whether you consider yourself a dancer or are just curious about what it might be like to tell a story through movement, my class will provide movers with a variety of resources that are guaranteed to give you the tools you need. CONTACT ME

I can help you with your arts organization

Your to-do list is likely a mile long while your staffing situation might be the opposite. I increase your organization’s success by making sure you have solid policies, systems, and people.

                       Get Paid

You work hard to deliver a quality product to everyone who works with you — and your clients expect to pay for your services. But you may not be capturing everything that you agreed to.

I can show you how to put a solid foundation in place—my clients usually see more money in the bank quickly.
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                More Time for You

You probably started because you love your art — and yet, it’s administration that takes so much of your time and attention.

I love this work, so let me help you by sharing processes and tools that really work. Whether billing, HR issues, or feeling like you’re constantly playing catch-up, I can help you get organized to find more time to do what you really want to do.

     Streamline Your Registration

You know what you want to see happen with your registration process, but your current plan isn’t working well.

Whether you use an automated system or good old paper, you can turn this into a well-oiled machine. You’ll be able to give students and their families the right answers in a snap when we’re done.